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Time: September 27 (Wednesday) 6:30 – 7:15 PM
Place: Climbing route Ljuska – Caramara, Velika Paklenica canyon

Public showing of the work in progress site-specific performance that will be premiered as a full evening show at the Biennale of New Movement 2025.

A public performance under the artistic direction of choreographers Julia Taffe and Marija Šćekić and the performance of Aeriosa dancers (Meghan Goodman, Chandra Krown, Cara Siu, Alex Tam, and Vince Virr) and Yskynna's Ishita Raina, asisted by Safety Director Colin Zacharias and riggers David Greeves, Mario Pinjuh and Sonja Sabo.

Costumes created/developed/directed with Sarah E Fuller as part of Adaptations using Cyanotype process. Local leaves and foliage are printed onto the costumes to ‘embody the local landscape’ during the performance.

Time: September 27 (Wednesday) 7:30 – 8:00 PM
Place: Visitor Center “Underground Secrets of Paklenica”, Bunker Hall, Velika Paklenica canyon

Round table – open to the general public

We are grateful to Dance Victoria for generously supporting our co-production by awarding Julia Taffe and Marija Scekic a 2022/23 Crystal Dance Prize for international collaboration.


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