Histeria Nova is a nonprofit Artistic organization founded by Marija Šćekić who is the Artistic Director and choreographer. The name Histeria Nova comes from the Greek word husterā (womb) and for many years it was a pseudonym for Marija Šćekić, whose work in Croatia and abroad deals with exploration of deep, internal, visceral body sensations and an interdisciplinary somatic approach to body and natural human movement. In July 2005, the name Histeria NOVA officially became a registered nonprofit Artistic organization with efforts to explore human and animal movement, contemporary and vertical dance and Synetography (choreography of bodily, sound and light movement) as a new movement theatre where elements of audio-visual and performance arts are inseparable.

In 2007, Histeria Nova Artistic organization was awarded with European Commission Special Acknowledgment for innovative artistic approach, creativity and for large contribution in promotion of the importance of entrepreneurship and potentials of young people in the Republic of Croatia (EDE project 2007).

The work within the organization is structured in three major modules (as shown below) and Biennale of New Movement, an interdisciplinary development project with official opening in September 2021.


    – creation and production of full evening dance and new media performances


    – development and promotion of new art form in Croatia


    – somatic approach education in body movement and choreography