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DARK SIDE OF THE MOON is the name of the Croatian program platform (pilot project) that includes a number of program activities throughout the Republic of Croatia with an emphasis on the cities of Đakovo, Rijeka, Karlobag, Zadar and Šibenik, the hamlet of Dadići-Škiljići near Starigrad and Selina, Paklenica National Park and Islam Grčki in the hinterland of Zadar. The main topic of research within the program platform is the instinct for survival whether it is a bare physical, existential, emotional, psychological, socio-social, economic, creative or spiritual context.

Although the word “survival” (lat. supervivere) in the literal translation “survive” most often refers to the physical struggle for the most basic needs such as food and water (physical existence), this project aims to enact many other aspects of the term to promote the idea of human survival. The words survival is used interchangeably with the notion of immortality, just as one of the art definition stands for.

The aim of the project is to collect and preserve information about the work of selected individuals, associations and organizations whose work is identified with their way of life. How far someone is willing to go, to seek, research, create, fight and survive is exactly what this project will try to propose, present and hopefully explain. Some of the main issues the project questions are:

  1. Art as a way of self-preservation?
  2. What is the emotional activity of the brain during creative processes?
  3. How does art affect the biology of the human brain?
  4. What is the relationship between cognitive and emotional processes in the human brain during the creation, performance and experience of a work of art?
  5. How old is the human tendency to lift his body off the ground and take off freely?
  6. What do the teaching of natural movement, contemporary mime, and physical theater have in common?
  7. Code of Honor in Martial Arts!
  8. Inclusive vertical dance workshop for children with cerebral palsy – yes or no?
  9. What connects astronomy, free diving and vertical dance?
  10. What connects the work of Milutin Milanković with the global warming we are all witnessing?
  11. What is “the art of approaching” from the aspect of the instinct for survival and coexistence of the local population of different nationalities?
  12. Can strategic thinking and self-confidence in preschool children become a mandatory part of the educational program in kindergartens?
  13. What is the microtonal music of Istria, Lika and Hvar?
  14. Who is Leonov and what does a space walk outside a spacecraft look like?
  15. What will tourist flights to the edge of space look like soon?


  • Histeria Nova


The Dark Side of the Moon contains 12 program activities that include dance performances, an acting and stage movement workshop, site-specific international programs, a special type chess workshop for people with cerebral palsy, expert lectures, two development pilot projects, an oil painting exhibition, the premiere of a psycho-dramatic play, a painting & dance workshop for children, two choreographic-scientific researches and an artistic underwater dance film in which each of the above programs represents a kind of deviation from the dominant concepts.


  • return to prehistory, ie promotion of culture as a millennial creation of our ancestors for whom art was a craft and an artistic product a means of survival
  • decentralization, inter-county and regional connections (Osijek-Baranja, Primorje-Gorski Kotar, Lika-Senj, Zadar and Šibenik counties)
  • Deviation from dominant conceptions of art
  • integration of vulnerable groups of people in the design of artistic programs "tailor-made" (children without parental care, pensioners, the disabled)
  • innovation and research approach
  • international co-production (Canada-UK-Croatia)
  • promotion of the cultural and natural heritage of the Republic of Croatia in the country and the world


  • creation of innovative and interdisciplinary artistic practice at the intersection of marginalized and insufficiently promoted areas of human activities such as astronomy, underwater sciences, educational and rehabilitation sciences, physical theater, vertical dance, creative therapies and chess
  • support to the revitalization programs of the Janković Tower in Greek Islam and the Mediterranean Coffee Garden in Karlobag in order to turn them into Centers of high cultural and social significance in the Republic of Croatia
  • creating conditions for the realization of the first inclusive workshop of vertical dance for children with cerebral palsy in the Republic of Croatia
  • creating conditions for the inclusion of children with cerebral palsy in the programs of chess communities across the country (Histeria Nova – Aurora)
  • production of an art-fiction dance underwater film about apnea as a psycho-somatic survival tool
  • improvement and affirmation of national culture in the field of contemporary performing arts

Interdisciplinary programs in physics (astronomy), contemporary dance (vertical and physical theater), cultural heritage (revitalization of the Janković Tower complex and the Mediterranean Coffee Garden), chess (strategic thinking and self-confidence of preschool children), psychology (survival reflex in children without parents) care and movement psychotherapy for the elderly) long-term further cooperation of all members is established with the aim of a unique and joint cultural and social development.

The project contains 3 basic program phases: Research, Creative and Implementation.
The research phase is a co-organization of the proposed programs so that all Members of the Platform present their programs, learning ethics, philosophy of action and vision of artistic and social development. In this phase, the Đakovo Cultural Center, the 16th Century Mediterranean Garden Kava in Karlobag and the Janković Tower in Islam Grčki play a significant role as the leading gathering places for associates in 2022.
The creative phase scheduled for 2023 will present new innovative models of work, learning and development for each member.
The implementation phase consists of collecting the results of cooperation in order to create a database and audio-visual material for converting it to digital format and for the purpose of creating audio-visual 3D scenography for the implementation of artistic-scientific-educational project called "Little Prince" as part of the Biennale of the New Movement in 2024.

  • sustainability and long-term nature of the program by creating a new educational model
  • reation of a platform for opening intercultural dialogue and development of civil society, development of awareness towards relevant artistic contents, influence on cultural production, and thus consumption