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Vrijeme: October 7th, 2023 at 8 PM
Mjesto: Centar za kulturu Đakovo
Pilot projekt: Slavonija Vertical Training Center

Salmon cycle is inspired by the life cycle of this remarkable keystone species of Pacific Northwest Coastal Ecosystem. The salmon make an incredible journey from fresh water to the ocean and back again, traveling over thousands of miles during their short lifetime. They have evolved over millions of years to sustain over one hundred other species by returning essential ocean nutrients to the streams where they are born and then return to spawn and die.
Salmon Cycle premiered on April 30th 2022 as part of Dancing to Remember – a suite of choreography commissioned by Aeriosa u Vancouver Playhouse to bring the community together to honour the 10th Anniversary of Butterflies in Spirit , a group of Indigenous dance activists whose performances raise awareness of their own missing and murdered loved ones and fight back against the systemic oppression and violence that impacts the lives of Indigenous people in Canada and around the world.

Choreography: Julia Taffe (Aeriosa Dance Society)
Dancers: Julia Caar, Cara Siu, Meghan Goodman
Safety Director: Colin Zacharias
Main rigger: David Greeves
Photo: Chris Randle
Premiered: April 30th 2022, Vancouver, Canada


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