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Official SVTC YouTube Channel

Official SVTC YouTube Channel

In July 2021, Marija Šćekić – Histeria Nova initiated the start of negotiations to launch a pilot project called "Slavonija Vertical Training Center" with the aim of decentralizing vertical dance art in the Republic of Croatia. Supported by international funds and the funds of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the collaboration between Marija Šćekić and her foreign partners from Canada and Great Britain was carried out over a period of three full years when foreign guests came to the City of Đakovo to look at the potential conditions for establishing the first year-round program of vertical practice and somatic learning in the country.

During the official presentation of the author's idea on Dance Day, April 29, 2023, due to the technical-organizational conditions and the easier implementation of year-round training and artistic-educational programs, the doors of the Slavonija VTC project are opened to other places, cities and interesting locations in Slavonia and Baranja.

Author and Artistic director: Marija Šćekić

Slavonija vertical training center Slavonija vertical training center Slavonija vertical training center Slavonija vertical training center


It can no longer be said that vertical dance is a new art form; his modern trajectory stretches back almost 50 years of contemporary dance choreography and presentation. Although vertical dancing is still not well known, today there are places scattered all over the world where artists have established communities dedicated to this practice.

For two decades, Histeria Nova has been implementing programs of decentralization of contemporary dance throughout the country. During the first decade of work in the Republic of Croatia (2000 - 2010), we introduced interior dance techniques and the importance of bringing somatic approach body movement, anatomy and biomechanics of human movement into the primary school education. We followed a similar pioneering path during the second decade of work (2011-2021), introducing and promoting the importance of the emergence of vertical dance movement as a completely new artistic practice in the world. We invested enormous personal, human and material efforts in order to promote the aspect of the safety of dancers and buildings as the most important factor of this art form in new territories of the Republic of Croatia. Gradually, we formed several such safe locations around the country.

The first workshop of the Summer School of Vertical Dance and Somatic Learning was held in Paklenica National Park within the framework of the Gates of Velebit project, after which an extremely large number of interested audiences were observed.

In 2015, Histeria Nova became a full partner of Vertical Dance Forum originally created on Retouramont company’s initiative as a network of 7 vertical dance companies with various and complementary backgrounds working in Europe and Canada.composed of vertical dance experts. This was the beginning of close collaboration between members of Histeria Nova- Aeriosa Dance-Yskynna team of artists without whom, the further development of vertical dance in Croatia would not have happened. Over the past two years, there has been a great interest in vertical dance among younger generations (children, pupils, students). The members of the HGSS (Zadar, Ogulin, Osijek) assumed and shared responsibility for safety and protection, and the participants quickly moved from the national to the international level. The project soon gained an international reputation and further engaged many cooperations on projects co-financed by European funds promoting historical, cultural and natural heritage of the Republic of Croatia such as Alka – the dance of freedom in the City of Sinj.

In collaboration with our Safety expert, Colin Zacharias (Aeriosa Dance Society), the first free of charge Safety and Risk Management Daily plan for dancers, riggers, height workers, insurers and future vertical dance practicioners was published to educate artists, prevent them from injuries and to protect buildings during negotiation and communication procedures between artists and stakeholders.


Download SVTC program April 2023 New Horizons and poster.


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